martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

Second Digital Art Meeting.

Welcome to our second meeting of digital experiences and art proposals, Alice through the Looking Glass. This project is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s work, “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There,” and headed by our school, Colegio Internacional Aravaca.

Alice through the Looking Glass is a multidisciplinary project, where digital and multimedia art will be the primary tool of expression.  We encourage you to become inspired by Alice and to follow along in her journey of exploration and play with mirrors.  Educational institutions, from early childhood to university level, and non-educational institutions, such as libraries and cultural centres, are welcome to participate in this project.  Technology will aid in conveying experiences, activities and observations, and our blog will be utilised to post participants’ entries.    

We support different points of view regarding this topic.  Alice’s exploration of mirrors can be seen through a mathematical perspective, such as with symmetry and patterns, through a scientific perspective, such as with the reflection of light, through a theatrical perspective, if mirrors are used to mimic thoughts or emotions, or through an artistic/metaphorical perspective, if mirrors are used to transform realities.  Maybe the topic of mirrors will lead to thoughts about previous ideas: Why are the eyes called the mirrors of the soul?  Is there a system of mirrors present in nature as neurobiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti suggests?  Experiences posted on our blog can be presented in the form of photographic narratives, audio-visual workshops, workshop animations, soundscapes, poetry workshops, visual poetry and literature, collages, aesthetic games with reflections... These are just a few examples, as the possibilities are endless.  

We hope that this topic opens a door to creativity and that our blog becomes the looking glass to reflect our work and that of others.  Like Alice, we wish to find the other side of the mirror, to venture into dreams and to travel to new worlds, and all are welcome to join us on our journey.

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