lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Light is an essential substance of the Universe.

  It  is  ubiquitous,  ephemeral,  and  mysterious. As such  it  is  a  powerful  tool  to  evoke  sensations,  tell  stories,  and  convey  emotions  –  create  art;
Art that relays on a use of light only started gaining attention with the first mention of the term “light art” that was coined in recent 1930 with the creation of kinetic light art work, Light-Space-Modulator, by László Moholy-Nagy.

Da Vinci’s  holistic  creative  research  provided  him  with  profound  understanding  of  how  light behaves, how it interacts with various materials, and how it affects a human eye.

Light is a complex medium that behaves differently depending on space and time. It is treated differently in painting, cinema, installation art, and other disciplines.  It  is  in  this  difference  that  we  can find  holistic  knowledge  about  light  that  can  then  inform  about  the  manipulation  of  light  within  each discipline.

As an artist working with light as a tool to transform the poetic experiences of spaces, I find essential to understand light as a material as well as the examples of creative uses of light in history across different art disciplines and further. At  the  core  of  researching  light  art  as  a  discipline  is  the
development of new knowledge on the critical role of light in history of art as well as its enormous cross-disciplinary significance.


Ficha Técnica: La instalación fue creada 
con un retroproyector, espejos, 
proyección de vídeo sobre hilo de nylon,
arduinos y programas sonoros.

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